HomeNewsA look into our Statement of Service Performance report
HomeNewsA look into our Statement of Service Performance report

A look into our Statement of Service Performance report

As part of our 2022/23 Annual Review, we undertook our first Statement of Service Performance (SSP) report.

This is a new reporting requirement for Tier 1 & 2 organisations in New Zealand. 

This opportunity saw us partner with BDO Auckland and wellbeing measurement organisation Huber Social to produce a compelling SSP as well as gain deeper insights on our impact across the lifecycle of the services and support we provide. 

“At Child Cancer Foundation, it’s been really important for us to measure our impact.” – Monica Briggs, Child Cancer Foundation CEO. 

“It’s important that we are actually getting the impact that we set out to achieve. It’s also really important that we have an externally benchmarked appraisal of us for our funders and people that invest in us.” 

With the support of BDO Auckland, we were able to produce a high-quality document that doesn’t just fulfil the requirements of the Statement of Service Performance, but is also a useful resource for all stakeholders. 

And by developing a fully integrated measurement system and taking a wellbeing approach to measuring impact, Huber Social has helped us demonstrate the proof of our impact and the clarity to maximise this into the future.  

The insights gained from the SSP will ensure we can continue to improve our support of tamariki and whānau impacted by childhood cancer. 

See more about this collaborative reporting process in the video below, or read our full SSP in our 2022/23 Annual Report.