A programme to support families beyond the end of their child’s curative cancer treatment.

We know that the challenges of having a child with cancer can continue long after treatment finishes. Navigating the changes and transitions of life with childhood cancer can be difficult, and whānau may find that this new phase of their experience brings stressors and obstacles that they hadn’t dealt with before.

However, once families leave the hospital with their child and they look well again, it can be hard to get the same level of support to cope with all of these new challenges. At this point, learning some new skills can help families get back to where they want to be in their life.

To help bridge this gap in our support of families we are excited to announce the launch of Cascade, an online group programme that aims to support primary caregivers whose child completed curative cancer treatment between six months and three years ago.

Child Cancer Foundation is working in partnership with researchers at the School of Psychology, Massey University, to deliver the Cascade programme to primary caregivers of childhood cancer survivors.

Cascade is an online group programme that is led by a psychologist over Zoom, in small groups of 3-6 primary caregivers. It is a weekly programme of four 90-minute sessions as well as an introductory session and a catchup booster session.

The programme aims to connect primary caregivers of children who have been through a similar experience. In each session, parents and caregivers will talk about common experiences and learn some helpful ways to deal with the challenges of life after cancer. Each session will introduce coping strategies to help with the specific areas of concern. Topics include getting back to ‘normal’ whānau life, anxiety about the cancer coming back, accessing social support and thinking about the future.

Cascade is part of a research study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the programme. Parents and caregivers are eligible to participate if their child finished curative cancer treatment between six months and three years ago.

For more information about Cascade, please contact your Family Support Coordinator or the details below:


P: 09 366 1270 | 0800 424 453