Chantal Virginia Stallard

“Joined the heavenly stars on 19 December 2019, aged 19.

 “Chantal was most talented, she had the uncanny ability to hear a piece of music, and find the notes and play it, without actually reading the music.  She had a huge love of movies, acting and plays, and had just commenced at Auckland University to study a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Drama, Media Film & Television. She had already played in many plays, small movies and was about to go on stage in a local play as one of the lead roles.

 “The world is missing out on a bright and shining star, full of talent and zest, we are missing our beautiful daughter and sister, and do not understand life anymore. Darling Chantal, we hope your star is shining brightly up in heaven, and that you are having a blast of a time playing music, acting in and making movies and talking to your favourite scientists and movie directors.

 “All our love, Tony, Virginia and Dominique”