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Support With Payroll Giving

Choose to make a difference each pay day by making regular donations to Child Cancer Foundation directly from your pay.

Information for employees

If your employer is already set up on payroll giving, all you need to do is let your payroll department know how much and how often you would like to donate.

And that’s it! Your employer will set you up, and there's nothing else you need to do. Your donation and tax credits for payroll donations will show in your wage records and on your pay slips.

For more information on payroll giving, or to share the idea with your colleagues, please download the flyer below.

Information for employers

Payroll giving is an easy way for your staff to support children and families affected by childhood cancer in New Zealand.

As an employer, you can offer payroll giving if you file your employment information - IR348 - electronically. Set up your payroll giving scheme using your payroll software - if you already use payroll software it may be set up for payroll giving in your workplace. Ask your payroll software provider for help if you have any questions.

Once you are set up, employees can decide who they’d like to donate to, how much to donate and how often, depending on how your scheme is set up. They receive an immediate tax credit for the payroll donation.

Keen to make a difference but can’t donate right now? Here are some other ways you can support Kiwi families.