The Great Kiwi BBQ is backHost a BBQ to support Kiwi kids with cancer this summer.

Child Cancer FoundationEvery week in Aotearoa, three families are told the heartbreaking news their child has cancer. We're dedicated to supporting them every step of the way.

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Covid-19 Protection Framework – Red Level

The current advice from our health professional colleagues is that our support of whānau at Red should be conducted remotely to protect the health and safety of tamariki with cancer and their families.

Although we cannot undertake any home or face-to-face visits, our Family Support team is still committed to supporting you and your whānau via phone and video calls. If you have any concerns or require extra support, please get in touch with your Family Support Coordinator.

The National Child Cancer Network has released updated information about vaccinations for children undergoing cancer treatment. Please find out more here.

How we help

We provide families with personalised support at every stage of their experience with childhood cancer. Hear about it first hand through these powerful stories.

Eli’s story

We were so excited to be able to spend a day with one of our awesome Stars, Eli… Continue Reading

Jaxon’s Story

Keri Lee shares the story of how her new-born son Jaxon’s cancer diagnosis turned their family’s… Continue Reading

Faith’s Story

“The last thing we thought was cancer or a tumour. We just went numb and burst… Continue Reading

Nicole’s Story

“We’ve got to live with it forever. In the back of our mind we are always… Continue Reading

Ayden’s Story

When Joyce and Jarrod Bezzina decided to take their kids on the adventure of a lifetime… Continue Reading

Arian’s Story

“The most important thing Child Cancer Foundation has given us is emotional support and hope.” –… Continue Reading

Mya’s story

In the lead up to Christmas in 2019, Steve Kata and Teresa Butler were planning a… Continue Reading

Our Family Support Coordinators

Family Support Coordinators are at the heart of Child Cancer Foundation and everything we do. Continue Reading

Esme’s story

When Esme Palmer developed a cold in mid-October 2019, her parents Megan and Jason had no… Continue Reading

Help us make a lasting difference

Support ground-breaking childhood cancer research.

Lucca Holecliffe was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer in 2016. At the time, Lucca’s parents were told that her cancer was unlikely to respond to traditional chemotherapy and radiation. However, thanks to a ground-breaking research study jointly funded by Child Cancer Foundation, the Precision Paediatric Cancer Project, Lucca got a second chance at life. Find out more.

With your help, Child Cancer Foundation can fund more research to support the ongoing improvement of cancer treatment available to Kiwi children like Lucca.

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10 common questions kids ask about cancer and how to answer them

When a child is diagnosed with cancer their siblings, friends and classmates can find it difficult to understand, and they often have many questions. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Child Cancer Foundation appoints three new Board members

We are thrilled to announce that Child Cancer Foundation’s Board has appointed three new members: Darlene Tuiono, Dan Te Whenua Walker and Sierra Alef-Defoe.

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