1 February 2023

Simple tips to stay organised while your child is on treatment for cancer

Parents have shared some practical tips.

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11 November 2022

How to help your child eat well during their cancer treatment

Dr Amy Lovell and Claire Turnbull of Mission Nutrition answer a few of the questions you may have around your child’s nutrition

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28 April 2022

Helping your child navigate the return to school after cancer treatment

Here are some ideas for things you can say and do to support your child in their transition back to school and cushion the…

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21 October 2021

Ensuring cancer doesn’t define your child

From very early on in life, our children are on a journey of forging their own unique sense of identity. For some kids a…

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30 September 2021

Coping with guilt

One of the more surprising side-effects of parenthood is feeling guilty about a lot of stuff, a lot of the time. We can feel guilty that we’re not…

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24 June 2021

How to avoid over-parenting when your child has cancer

Few things rock a parent’s world like having a child diagnosed with cancer. Long after they’ve weathered the initial shock and navigated the various…

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